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All submitters are sent the following official messages:

  • Confirmation of creation of abstract submission profile (sent at time of account creation)
  • Confirmation of abstract submission (sent when abstract is finalized with “save & submit”)
  • Official notice of acceptance or decline (sent December 20, 2019)

If you have not received each, please check your spam filter or contact the Secretariat:


  1. Consult the instructions provided in the Final Paper Guidelines.
  2. Using the official Final Paper template prepare the final paper and save the work in PDF format. Download the template in DOC or LaTeX.
  3. Login to the abstract submission site here.
  4. Go to the Submissions tab and select the presentation title.
  5. Scroll down to “Final Paper Upload” section, and upload your final paper.
  6. Enter the five (5) requested keywords.
  7. Use the “Save & submit” button to finalize the upload.

Please note that the abstract will show again as “complete” once the above steps are completed. You will receive a message to confirm the upload.

Submission Deadline for Final Paper:       March 20, 2020


Lecture sessions are 90 minutes long and include a panel of four speakers, all delivering presentations from the same category. Each presenter will be allotted 20 minutes for their presentation and a 10-minute question-and-answer period will be conducted at the end of the session.

All lecture presentations must be prepared and submitted in PowerPoint format (see template and recommendations below). Presenters will be invited to submit their PowerPoint online prior to the meeting (upcoming).

Presentation schedule, including the specific date and time of the sessions, will be sent in Spring 2020.


Recommendations for PowerPoint presentations:

  • 16/9 display format
  • Maximum 15 slides
  • Maximum 1 graphic image or chart per slide
  • Maximum 6 lines of text per slide, 6 bullets per image and 6 words per bullet
  • Use visual elements (logos, pictures, graphics etc.) to make your slides interesting
  • Avoid long lists or descriptions, making sure all texts are fully legible (font size)
  • Be clear and concise
Download the PowerPoint Template


Dialogue sessions will allow authors to present their work in illustrative poster format and, as presenters, host a discussion with fellow experts during one of two dedicated sessions. Authors are expected to be present at their poster during their scheduled session in order to answer delegates’ questions.

Dialogue presenters will have access to a dedicated poster board as well as cocktail table and chairs in order to allow for an intimate discussion with delegates.

Posters must be in A0 format (33” x 47” or 841 mm x 1189 mm) and in portrait orientation, with the EVS33 logo in the upper left corner.

Dialogue Guidelines and Template
EVS33 Logo for Dialogues

For authors requiring assistance in printing, Fern, the official decorator at the Oregon Convention Center – OCC, offers a price of $90 US to print posters for dialogue presenters:

  • Posters must be submitted in print-ready format.
  • Fern can design your poster for $75 per hour designer fee.
  • Payment is made directly to Fern.
  • Posters are delivered to the Oregon Convention Center in reusable cardboard tubes for set-up by presenters.

To order a poster for EVS33 contact the Fern Exhibitor Services Department at +1 503-228-6800 or by email.  See Fern Submission Guidelines.